The rape review

Heavy headline I know, but don’t be alarmed. This post concerns the online coverage of  ‘sex by surpise’ this past week. No reviews of the mechanics of the act.

As Hadley Freeman points out in the Guardian, everyone’s talking about rape of late.

“Rape does seem to be in the air these days, what with the Republican Party in the US, certain devotees of Julian Assange around the world, and lazy comedians in Edinburgh all talking quite a lot about it.”

There’s been a lot written, recorded and said on the internet. Comfortingly, the vast majority of reactions have been staunchly anti-rape.

CNN compiled this list of assorted responses to Todd Akin’s ‘illegitimate rape’ outburst, and there’s been myriad more insightful articles condemning the comments.

On social media too, plenty were quick to slam Akin.

I suppose this post is to give kudos where it’s due, to acknowledge that the media en masse have got their coverage of this very sensitive topic pretty much spot on.

Rape is never right, under any circumstances, and there’s certainly no such thing as ‘illegitimate rape.’

If anyone’s really confused with this rape is wrong business,  Ben Pobjie‘s got a very handy guide.

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