ABC iview for iPhone review

More than 2000 App store reviewers can’t be wrong. The ABC’s iview for iPhone app is an absolute pearler.

The application has straight four and five star ratings on the Apple store site, with many punters waxing lyrical about the service.

While I wouldn’t quite give the app a full five stars, it is mighty impressive.

I got my hands on iview for iPhone within weeks of its June 27 release date, and with a lengthy bus commute to work or university most days, I’ve put it to good use (related: I am painfully anti-social).

Here are my observations of the iview app; the many positives and a few small negatives.


  • It is absolutely 100% free
  • It is reliable. Unlike the majority of other apps on my iPhone (Facebook anyone?) ABC iview has never ever crashed, slowed or malfunctioned in any way. Not once.
  • The interface is totes amazeballs. It looks very schmick, and is super easy to navigate. My 75-year-old Grandma can catch up on Gardening Australia episodes with ease.
  • You can watch every. single. show. available on iview. in the palm of your hand.
  • It is a terrific distraction for Dr Who-obsessed children when you need to give them a  quick entertainment fix.
  • You can stream the app using 3G; a big deal considering Apple’s reluctance to allow apps on to its store that consume large amounts of data using the cellular network.
  • The 3G capability means buffering is non-existent.
  • Watchlist syncing between iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via iCloud. Yep. Very convenient for us folk with multiple apple devices.
  • Did I mention the free part?


  • Not especially relevant for me (wooh Apple), but many Android users are pretty narky the app isn’t available to them.
  • You need an internet connection to view ze iview. Preferably 3G.
  • 3G viewing drains your data like the Sahara sun draining moisture from a..ahh…anything even slightly wet. Potentially expensive.
  • All the iview shows are short-lived on the site. It’d be sweet if all programs were permanently available.
  • You can’t stream ABC TV live. Except for news 24. Complex legalities involved apparently.
  • Dawn Porter doesn’t look quite as comely on a two-inch screen.

While that may look like a reasonably long list of gripes, most of them are really pretty minor aren’t they?

In case you’re really obtuse and think these six cons mean I’m not totally enamored with the app, or you struggle with comprehension, I’ll spell it out for you.

ABC iview for iPhone is pretty bloody brilliant.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and purchase it (LOL jks, it won’t cost you a cent). You won’t regret it…at least not till your phone bill arrives.

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