ABC for iPhone: Dos and Don’ts

A few weeks back I reviewed the iview for iPhone app, today it’s the ABC’s flagship news application under the microscope.

The ABC for iPhone app is the most-downloaded of all aunty’s available apps, and for good reason.

Though it doesn’t have quite the same rave reviews as the iview app, it is, on the whole, very solid (overall score of 3.5 stars from more than 12,000 ratings). ABC for iPhone is the first news app I check every single morning, and my most-used news app overall (alongside the excellent Huffington Post).

Instead of pros and cons, here’s something a little different; Dos and Don’ts of the ABC app.

Do rejoice in the fact this baby won’t cost you a single cent.

Don’t think you’re above downloading an app ’cause it’s free. No-one likes a snob.

Do watch the ‘news in 90 seconds’ every couple of hours, and stream ABC news 24 live.

Don’t expect it to be kind to your battery life, or your data usage.

Do use the convenient tabs to scroll between specific news you’re interested in (sport, business, world etc.)

Don’t expect the ‘entertainment’ section to offer anything particularly juicy, in-depth, or recent. Stick to for your totes awesome OMG celeb goss.

Do regularly check ‘the drum’ tab, for wonderful pieces from the likes of Benjamin Law, Jonathan Green, and Annabel Crabb.

Don’t read Gerard Whateley’s blog. Unless you’re a fan of over-writing and verbosity (or Robert Drane).

Do use the ABC shop tab to buy sweet goodies.

Don’t purchase ‘the slap’ TV series; the book is heaps better.

Do read Margaret and David’s movie review transcripts under the ‘movie review’ tabs.

Don’t read the ‘movietime’ reviews under the same tab. Marge and Dave are much harsher and more patronizing critics. Therefore they’re more entertaining. Like Roger Ebert, But Aussie. And two people.

Do download the ‘ABC for iview’ and/or ‘Poh’s Kitchen’ apps, as you’re prompted to do by the eye-catching pop-up ads under the ‘TV’ tab.

Don’t be too disappointed the ABC is blatantly advertising, it won’t rot your brain that much.

Do marvel at the comprehensive, wide-ranging and up-to-the-minute sport section.

Don’t expect the stories to  be subbed properly (see below).


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