Technology is easy. Journalism is hard.

As Elaine Ford explained in her week 10 lecture, online media is more evolving than new nowadays.

Where traditional journalistic mediums of Print, radio, and TV have clearly defined cycles and deadlines, and clear newswriting conventions and newsgathering processes, the online format is vastly different.

Ford says online news is unrelenting; deadlines are fluid, reporting speed is NOW, and the industry is fast-paced and ever-changing.

A facet of online journalism which arguably changes the fastest is the technology.

Development of technology pertaining to video, audio, live crosses, social media, links etc. is a fundamental component of effective online storytelling. Indeed technology can help showcase everything journalism can do-there are more storytelling opportunities, and news is available all around the clock.

David Ho, editor of mobile, tablets and emerging technology at The Wall Street Journal,
knows better than most how essential tech-savvy journalism is.

David Ho, from the Wall Street Journal

In a recent interview for mediabistros so what do you do? series, Mr Ho offers plenty of pearls of wisdom for aspiring journalists amidst the tech-centric current climate.

Below is an excerpt from the profile, for the full interview, titled Technology is easy, journalism is hard, go here.

“A lot of news skills only come with experience. I love it when folks can do Photoshop and the like, but more than any one kind of expertise, it’s important to have a general and deep technology comfort level and interest. This is all moving so fast, you have to adapt daily, hourly. It’s as much about making news decisions as it is troubleshooting tech problems. You need to be able to talk to developers as much as you talk to reporters and editors. You need a foot in each world, editorial and technology.”

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